Air Travel and some common sense precautions

Recently, my spouse and I found ourselves boarding a United Airlines international flight.

  1. The airport was packed. There was no indication of any travel ‘slowdown’.

Should you wear a face shield?

The decision is of course, yours. We forsake the…

Warning: This post may cause excess salivation. Do not be scared. Do not seek medical attention; it is perfectly normal. Also read ‘The Mutton Curries of India

Chuy’s Enchiladas (Try Boom Boom Chicken shown above — or Hatch Chile or Deluxe Chicken)

It’s no secret. Everyone (and their uncle) is moving to Austin. …

Cloud Architect Essential Interview Questions

Also read Comparing GCP and AWS

Topic Ideas to gauge a cloud candidate’s depth

Over the last few years, I have been more involved with interviewing candidates (as well as interviewing for positions myself).

To that end, this post captures some of the topics that a true cloud architect should…

Selling Technology

Confusing ‘Pitching’ with ‘Selling’

Every sales person understands that selling is a process. This post is about what can wrong during this process — and the ONE thing you can do to ensure that you not only close your current sale, but have the customer begging for more. …

The All Important Project Construct in Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Architect, your understanding of GCP Projects and Service Accounts to access resources within that project, is key to gaining operational competency.

This post discusses how GCP projects can serve as an IAM boundary, a billing boundary as well…

This is how I was taught to deal with viral infections (growing up in India, you encounter more than your fair share of such infections).

Day Zero — The instant you feel a sore throat ( or body ache or a slight fever), and suspect an infection, blanket yourself up…

Should I invest in Bitcoin in 2021?


This post tries to address bitcoin’s true valuation. In the process, it will answer related questions, including:

  1. Aren’t ALL electronic payments also ‘Digital’ ? So, why is bitcoin’s digital payment any different?
  2. Does Bitcoin have any intrinsic value (as Money or a…

Google, AWS, Azure Cloud Services

At first, I was a bit underwhelmed by the cloud. After all, wasn’t it just a fancy new hosting alternative to the likes of GoDaddy and Hostgator?

Sure — you were promised highly scalable (elastic) and resilient (redundant) infrastructure for your hosting. However, all of that was also available with…

Anuj Varma, Physicist, Technology Architect

Ask me about Cloud Security, Google Cloud, AWS, Cloud Infrastructure, Migrations, Docker and Containerization, Quantum Physics, Relativity Theory and Blockchain

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