hmm…interesting read. I will not contest that AWS (50% +)is the market leader and Azure (12%) the contender. However, a very fast up and comer is GCP, currently at 9%. All of the aforementioned advantages of AWS are easily beaten by Google — including pricing. YOu can read through an entire blogpost I wrote on this subject, or, here is the summary:

  1. Google, unlike AWS or Azure, owns the underlying fiber network. This allows it to offer pricing and SLAs (see their Spanner horizontal scaling SLA) that competitors simply cannot.
  2. Google’s ML and AI lead is significant. Forget about GCP, look no further than Pixel 2.0 — with the personal assistant built into the phone. In addition pixel earbuds capable of translating upto 40 languages. Both Siri and Alexa are woefully behind the curve on this one. But, back to the cloud. The Google ML libraries (TensorFlow) combined with GCP’s BigData offerings (BigQuery, DataProc, BigTable…) are again, a force to reckon with. As Google integrates these into their regular cloud offerings (for e.g. their load balancer ‘intelligently’ routes traffic instead of using a round robin or other static algorithm), they are poised to beat AWS at their own game. Whether that actually happens or not is, of course, unseen.
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