No future as ‘money’? LOL!

Not sure what you mean by ‘money’. Let us break it down into 1) store of value (assets such as gold), 2) payments — specifically, currency payments — which can be further divided into macropayments and micropayments. For 1, BTC is a superior form of gold (gold bars are hard to store, guard, transport….), It is actually even ‘less’ mineable than gold (due to a hard-cap).

On 2, it is already a better form of macro payments (transferring large amounts of money online), in that it is ‘near instantaneous’ and near free (esp if you go the LTC or ETH route), flawless (there has been only ONE compromise of the BTC network, in 2011, none since then…. Exchange hacks do not traditional exchanges get hacked all the time as well…), global in a way that no other form of macro payment is….and secure…infinitely more secure than SWIFT and other international protocols. And Peer to Peer in a way that cash payments are (not fully anonymous, but as close as you can get).

On 2b (micropayments), due to it’s near infinite divisibility, it is the ONLY option — traditional methods (Credit cards etc.) are useless for micropayments.

Most people with a finance background DO NOT understand bitcoin or any form of crypto, mainly because it is as much ‘software’ as it is ‘finance’. Get into the weeds of full nodes, consensus algorithms, atomic swaps, transactions and transaction malleability and you will start to understand why the underlying system is beyond the wildest creation of economists. Laissez-faire capitalism’s vision was that of a free, self-regulating market (currency market in this case) and the closest thing we have to that is the bitcoin network.

Not only does it have a bright future as ‘money’ (again, not sure what you mean by that term…), but it is the only thing with potential to replace traditional currency as a form of macropayment. It is also well on it’s way to replace gold as the international store of value.

Previous attempts at digital currencies (including DigiCash, eBullion etc..) were all flawed and had not solved the consensus problem in the way the Satoshi’s original paper outlined.

Happy learning…

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