Once again, times have changed. It is true that BTC owners had little option but HODL. Not anymore. You can do everything from take out loans on your BTC, use it as collateral, do atomic swaps (exchange it for another crypto or fiat).

How is it better than digital money? Again, let us get definitions right here. If you mean ‘paypal’, paypal is not peer to peer (there are several central authorities involved).

To answer your questtions — Is it cheaper ? Yes , it is cheaper (a million dollar LTC transfer can cost you under $10. Is it faster? Yes — with lightning ntework on top of BTC, it is instantaneous.

Nothing personal, I think your knowledgebase on BTC is about 2 years old — that is what BTC used to be (slow, inefficient, costly…and all you could do was HODL). Not anymore. And this isn’t coming from any ‘gurus’ — anyone who has used BTC or lightning network can get this information first hand.

Ask me about Cloud Security, Google Cloud, AWS, Cloud Infrastructure, Migrations, Docker and Containerization, Quantum Physics, Relativity Theory and Blockchain

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