Twitter, Musk and Trump

Musk has purchased a legal nightmare, not a tech company

Is Twitter a Tech Company or a Legal Nightmare?

Twitter’s challenges were never technical in nature. Legally, however, almost every country that Twitter operates in, has been filing legal challenges to Twitter’s policies.

Twitter’s own home country, has Congress hauling Twitter up for multiple hearings. This was true, even prior to Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Musk either fails to understand Twitter’s legal challenges, or ignores it.

Musk is going to discover (if he hasn’t already) that what he has bought is a legal nightmare, not a tech company.

Was Twitter unable to control the spread of misinformation?

As far as bots and the spread of misinformation, there isn’t a social media platform that isn’t plagued by it.

Russia even regularly boasts about how much money they spent trying to get DJT elected ( in 2016, using bots and targeted misinformation against Hillary Clinton). They did this mostly using social media (primarily Facebook).

Twitter, of all the social media platforms out there, actually had the most advanced legal framework for dealing with such issues.

Namely, an appeal system, that was several layers deep. Yes — you could get banned off the platform, but an appeal could help prove that your tweets were…